How to Manage Your Pet’s Health

Dog smiling

Every pet owner wants to keep their pet healthy, but knowing how to manage your pet’s health can be a challenge. Many pet owners only take their animals to the vet when they are sick, but preventative care is just as important to your pet’s overall wellbeing.  Our veterinary team at the Gables Animal Clinic […]

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Do Pets Really Need Vaccines?

Rabies vaccine

Vaccinations are a crucial preventive measure to stop the spread of disease. Vaccinating your pets helps them have a longer, happier, and healthier life.  Due to the widespread use of pet vaccines, many deadly diseases are close to total eradication – however, without vet-recommended vaccinations, your pet can still catch serious illnesses.  Pet diseases are […]

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Soothing Skin Allergies

Dog in field

Gables Animal Clinic’s Guide to Pet Dermatology Just like humans, pets are prone to various skin issues. While they are usually nothing serious, skin issues in animals can cause extreme discomfort and even pain if they are left untreated. At Gables Animal Clinic, we have a highly trained veterinary dermatologist ready to address any skin […]

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How to Reduce Your Pet’s Shedding

Cat and Dog Shedding

Does your pet’s shedding leave your home and clothing covered with fur? Many pet owners know the frustration of dealing with pet shedding. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps you can take to reduce excessive shedding.  Here is everything you need to know about shedding and information from our team at Gables Animal Clinic […]

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